Shade & Flowering Trees


aspenThis tree can grow quite tall.  It has a smooth pale bark, scarred with black. The glossy green leaves, dull beneath, become golden to yellow, rarely red, in autumn.

Autumn Purple Ash

autumn purple ashThis tree grows quite fast, often up to two feet per year.  The tree’s flowers, which appear in spring, are little, green and inconspicuous. In the fall, the leaves turn deep red, maroon or purple in color.

Green Ash

green ashThis tree belongs to the olive family.  The leaves are green on both sides, turning to a pale yellow before its early fall leaf drop. The flower color is a greenish-yellow with a light brown to tan fruit color.  It can grow up to 35 ft. with a spread of 20 – 30 ft.


catalpaCatalpa grows 50 feet tall but can go to 90 feet. These are white with yellow and purple markings.. Large, showy white flowers grace the Catalpa in late spring. Its crown is rounded and upright with large, heart-shaped, medium green leaves that can grow up to 12 inches.


chitalpaThis is  cross between the Desert Willow and Catalpa.  This tree starts flowering in the late spring and flowers until late fall.  At several feet a year, a Chitalpa reaches its 25 – 30 ft. height and breadth quickly and makes shady spots fast.

Desert Willow

desert willowThis is called a “willow” only because of the leaf resemblance. It is actually related to the catalpa. Can grow into a bush or a small tree (possibly with multiple trunks). Leaves are 6 to 12 inches long and narrow.  The airy foliage casts a light but cooling shade.  While it is very drought tolerant & loves full sun, it grows more rapidly when given extra water while young.  Its beautiful, bell-shaped flowers, range in color from white to pink or lavender. It blooms from May until frost

Golden Rain Tree

goldenraintreeWith yellow flowers, good golden fall color, and seeds that change from green to yellow to tan, Golden Rain Trees are known for their fast-growing nature. A deciduous tree that at maturity can reach a height of 30 feet with a rounded crown and spread of equal size, the Golden Rain Tree’s leaves are compound, giving it an overall lacy appearance.

Red Maple

red mapleOne of the first signs of spring is the flowers of the Red Maple.  The profusion of tiny, red flowers against its smooth gray bark is a beautiful sight.  Red Maple is also one of the first trees to change color in the fall.  Can grow up to 30 – 60 ft. tall with a spread of 30 – 60 ft. as well.

Texas Red Bud

texas redbudThe redbud tree grows 12 to 18 inches each year, achieving a total height of 30 feet. It has a rounded canopy that spreads about 25 feet when mature. Its pinkish-purplish flowers are among the first to blossom in the spring. Some flowers even sprout directly from the trunk. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall. The leaves have a rounded, heart shape.

Purple Robe Idaho Locust

purplerobeidaholocustThis is a round-headed shade tree with highly fragrant and very attractive chains of deep pink flowers.  It has bluish-green foliage which emerges burgundy in spring. The oval pinnately compound leaves turn yellow in fall. It has chains of fragrant rose pea-like flowers with yellow eyes hanging below the branches in late spring.

Shademaster Locust

shademasterlocustThe Shademaster has a superior growth habit with upright ascending branches, producing an irregular vase-shaped form.  Can grow up to 50 ft. tall and 45 – 50 ft. wide. Foliage is medium green, turning to golden yellow in the fall

New Mexico Privet

new mexico privetAlso known as the Desert Olive, this shrub grows from 12 – 18 ft. tall and 12 ft. wide.  It has smooth medium green leaves that turn yellow in fall.  Very small flowers (1/4 in. long) and egg-shaped fruits, blue-black when mature.

Globe Willow

globewillowThis is a very fast growing shade tree and one of the first trees to leaf-out in the spring. Small tassels are followed by long slender leaves.  The tree is a very fast grower and gets very large, 30 to 50 feet high

Navajo Willow

navajowillowThis is a very hardy, rounded, spreading, large deciduous tree, to 70′ tall and wide. Leaves are bright green, lance-shaped, 2″-4″ long. Unlike most willows, this variety is popular in the high desert because it is tolerant to drought.

Weeping Willow

weepingwillowGrows up to 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. The tree’s branches flow from the “weeping” branches to the ground, providing privacy both behind and directly beneath the tree.

Siouxland Cottonless Cottonwood

siouxlandThis is a seedless male cottonwood that doesn’t produce the fluffy seeds. The Cottonless Siouxland Cottonwood Tree is an excellent rapid growing shade tree maturing in the over 50 ft. high and 30 to 50 ft. canopy or width.

Noreaster Cottonless Cottonwood

noreastercottonwoodFast growing shade tree good for quick shade or screening. Seedless hybrid that grows 60 to 100 ft. tall with a rounded bushy head

Native Rio Grande Cottonwood

nativeriograndeThis is the largest of the cottonwoods.  It can reach heights of up to 80 ft.  Leaves are a shiny green that turn into a bright yellow in the fall.  Bears many 1/2 in.long “fruits” that are egg-shaped and seed bearing.  They mature in spring, splitting into 3 or 4 parts with many cottony seeds.

Lombardy Poplar

lombardypoplarLombardy poplar trees are best known for their columnar form and unusual branching structure. Their branches start close to the ground and parallel the trunk.  At maturity they will reach 40-50 feet in height, with a spread of just 10-15 feet. Their fall foliage is a yellow color, but they are not primarily grown for their autumn display value.

Bolleana Poplar

bolleanaAlso known as the White Poplar or Silver Poplar.  It is a medium sized tree, growing to a height of 50 ft. with a trunk up to 3 ft. in diameter.  The dark green leaves  stay white until autumn leaf fall.  It produces flowers (catkins) up to 8 cm long in the early spring.

Arizona Sycamore

arizona sycamoreThis is slow growing tree.  Blooms in spring, fruits all summer.  Male blooms are 1/2 in. “marbles”; female blooms are 1 – 1 1/2 in” spikey spheres.

Columbia Sycamore

columbia sycamoreMay grow to 50 feet in 25 years;  26–30 feet in height at 12 years with a trunk diameter of 4–5 inches. Habit: Erect, single-trunked, large deciduous trees. Foliage is medium to dark green leaves; 6–7 inches long,  8–10 inches wide.  Highly ornamental in winter. Fruit balls generally produced in 2’s and 3’s

Lace Bark Elm

lacebarkelmAlso known as the Chinese Elm, this is a medium tree growing 30 – 50 ft.  It is a fast growing shade tree.  It has small leaves that turn yellow and drop in the fall.

Bradford Flowering Pear

bradfordfloweringpearThis is a vigorous growing, medium size, shade tree with outstanding clusters of white blooms in spring and very attractive terrific yellow to red to purple foliage color in fall.  It has no edible fruit, but it is a rapid grower, achieving a 12 – 15 ft. increase in height over an 8 year period.

Thundercloud Purple leaf Plum

thundercloudTerrific landscape tree with unusual coppery-purple foliage backing pale pink to white blooms. Bears small red fruit.

KV Purple leaf Plum

kvAlso known as the Cherry Plum, this tree grows 15 – 20 ft. with a height of the same.  Produces pink blossoms in April.


vitexAlso known as the Chaste Tree, it blooms from late spring until early fall with long, upright spikes of pink, lilac and white fragrant flowers.