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We are the premier Garden Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Plant and Tree Nursery

Newman’s Nursery is a Santa Fe plant and tree nursery as well as a garden center. It all started out in 1974 when Lee and Susan Newman, moved out to Santa Fe with their two children after graduating from Northern Arizona University. With a little more than an old pick-up truck, and a lot of determination, they started out doing contract work for the U.S. Forest Department thinning and planting trees in the National forest. After a few years of saving everything they could, they were able to start up a nursery. The two of them leased a greenhouse at Jackalope Pottery on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, NM. After several years of hard work, Newman's Nursery was moved to the south end of Cerrillos Road, where it is today, 7501 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87507.

New Mexico Plant and Tree Nursery

In the mid 1990’s Lee and Susan moved to the southern desert of New Mexico to further expand their drought tolerant growing. The southern location of the business, Animas Creek Nursery, is just south of Caballo, New Mexico, where they grow the largest collection of xeriscape trees and shrubs, fruit trees, shade trees, flowering shrubs and the best collection of roses in New Mexico. Newman's Nursery offers a full selection of nursery plants and trees. The product line-up includes fruit trees, nut trees, berry trees, shade trees, flowering trees, shrubs, roses, drought tolerant perennials, vegetables, fruits, potting soil, mulches, amendments and xeric plant selections.

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Newman's Nursery offers a wide selection of fruit trees, nut trees, and berry trees. Trees offered include the following: Apple, apricot, cherry, pear, plum, peach, and nectarine. just to name a few.

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Newman's Nursery is your go-to nursery for a wide variety of flowering and shade trees which include Aspen, Autumn Purple Ash, Golden Rain Tree, Desert Willow, Red Maple and many, many more!

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Are you looking to add a little color to your yard? Newman's Nursery offers quite a large selection of Roses and Shrubs such as Spanish Broom, Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras, Climbers, Russian Sage, Blue Mist and many more.

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Newman's Nursery offers a giant selection and inventory of potting soil, mulches and amendments to fit all of your gardening needs.


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