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Overwintering Shrubs and Perennials

Growing perennials and shrubs of New Mexico in containers and pots is really easy and convenient. A lot of people want to use the plants again for the next year but can find it hard to take care of them […]

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What is Overwintering? Shrub and Container Plant Care Tips

Leaving out plants in containers during the winters can actually be a huge mistake. During freezing climates, it is actually recommended to keep shrubs of New Mexico in the ground. It is actually necessary to plant the shrubs into the […]

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Why Fall is NOT the Right Season to Prune Trees

The fall season is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the upcoming cold winters. It’s your time to fertilize your garden, get rid of weeds and dead plants, apply a layer of organic compost, and grow cover crops […]

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How to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

The winter season is considered a quiet time for gardeners. Due to snowfall, all activity in your garden may stop. But if you don’t want shrubs and weeds to grow in your garden, you should take some precautionary measures to […]

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