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Why it’s Important to Water with a Drip Irrigation System

Water scarcity has become a worldwide issue, thanks to global warming and irresponsible use of water. Whether you belong to a developing country or live in the first world, drought can strike anywhere. California has been facing water scarcity for many years now. Water conservation advisories are also issued by authorities in New Mexico as well.

In this condition where water is becoming a precious commodity with each passing day, it is necessary to adopt comprehensive water conservation measures. To ensure economic use of water in agriculture, farming and residential planting, drip irrigation system has been introduced for a long time. The drip system is an irrigation mechanism in which water is slowly delivered to plant roots in very small amounts through gradual soil absorption.

You can set up a drip irrigation system for any size of agricultural land for these important reasons.

Water Conservation

Stating the obvious, a drip irrigation system is important because it can significantly reduce the amount of water used for the cultivation of plants. A good drip system can save 85-90 percent of water as compared to conventional irrigation methods.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Contrary to popular belief, installation of drip irrigation is easier than spray heads because no excavation is required here. Moreover, its piping can be spread all over the landscaping without affecting its bed. In addition, drip irrigation systems are movable unlike the majority of the traditional irrigation systems.

Reduced Energy Bills

With less amount of water used in drip irrigation, you will eventually cut down your energy expenses since you won’t need to run your water pump for long hours.

Prevention of Water Drift

You may have noticed wet sidewalks and parking lots, adjacent to plant cultivation spaces. This usually happens when wind drifts the dispersed and irrigated water from the system to places where it’s not required. With the help of drip irrigation, you can prevent this drift that results in grubby sidewalks and wastage of water.

No Risk of Water-Logging

In surface irrigation, a recklessness of a mere couple of minutes can culminate into a problem of water-logging. Water-logging happens when plant roots can’t respire due to excess of water in their soil profiles. With drip delivery of water, you can actually curtail any chances of water-logging.

No Soil Erosion

Conventional irrigation systems erode the considerable amount of soil with the pressure of water. Such is not the case with drip irrigation where the soil is watered through droplets.

No Evaporative Losses

For sunny regions like New Mexico, evaporative losses are another way water is wasted. In surface irrigation, where water stands on the soil bed for some time before getting fully absorbed, there are more evaporative losses. On the other hand, water is readily absorbed in drip irrigation, which means negligible evaporative losses.

You can see how important drip irrigation is for water conservation and other agricultural benefits. If you want to incorporate a drip irrigation system in your agricultural activity, a nearby nursery can help you with its installation.