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Why Treating Your Garden With Mulch Before Planting is Important

If you are used to maintaining a garden, then you’re well aware that it’s not just about watering regularly. Many things go into the maintenance of a garden. There are some measures that should be taken before planting and adding mulch to the soil is one of them.

Mulch is a layer of different organic materials that is applied to the soil before planting. Adding a layer of mulch before planting any sapling or seed is critical for various reasons.

It’s a Natural Way to Provide Necessary Insulation to Plants

A layer of mulch helps insulate the plant from severe weather conditions. New plants are vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Mulch provides insulation from extreme heat and freezing temperatures. It also protects budding plants from direct sunlight.

It Prevents Surface Evaporation

Surface evaporation is a problem for anyone with a green thumb. In regions like New Mexico, where the sun demonstrates its might in summer, the issue becomes more aggravated and much of the water can evaporate before reaching the roots. By providing the cover of mulch, you can significantly reduce the rate of  evaporation.

Mulch Helps Maintain the Organic Content of Soil

Over time, the organic content of soil gets degraded. Since mulch itself is made of organic residues, a layer of it on the top of the soil would compensate for all the lacking nutrients.

It Protects Soil From Compaction

Soil that is packed to tightly is not good for plants as it severely limits the amount of water and air that get to the plant’s roots. A protective layer of mulch on soil surface can protect soil from becoming too compact.

Prevention of Weed Growth

Mulch also helps in preventing the growth of weed. All these unwanted plants feed on the resources intended for the seeds you plant. Weeds need warm soil and plenty of sunlight to grow and survive. A layer of mulch makes soil cool and blocks the sunlight, thus resulting in the prevention of weed growth. A weed-free garden is an ideal space for the planting and cultivation of any plant species.

Mulch Also Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from all the above-mentioned functional benefits, a layer of mulch with different shades of color also adds visual appeal to the turf of your garden.

Get in touch with experienced professionals from a nursery in your area if you want to treat your garden with mulch before the next round of planting.