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Santa Fe Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners

Santa Fe Greenhouse

Setting up a greenhouse can be very exciting since it allows you to grow various types of fruits or vegetables. You no longer have to be bound by the seasons. Whether you are curious about growing shrubs of New Mexico or more exotic plants, the kind of greenhouse you establish will make a marked difference in how well it functions.

The following are some helpful tips you can apply when considering starting a greenhouse for the very first time:

Basic Requirements

First things first, you will have to work out the requirements for the greenhouse. Do you want to grow the shrubs of New Mexico in an attached greenhouse or a standalone one?  Many people prefer the standalone one because it is more relaxing.

However, if you are short on space, it is better to opt for an attached greenhouse. You also need to make sure you have other accessories with you such as:

  • Containers for Plants – Get different types such as pots for plants, pots for seedlings and sprouting trays.
  • Sterile Soil – Soil free of diseases and other pests.
  • Fertilizer – As needed for the plants.
  • Fans – For ventilation during winter and dry summer days.
  • Pot Racks – To grow more plants in limited spaces.
  • Thermostat – For the heating of the greenhouse.

Once you get all of these, you can start to set up your greenhouse in any chosen area. Try to pick an area which gets the maximum amount of natural sunlight.

Understanding Temperature Needs

Not all plants thrive in temperate climates like the shrubs of New Mexico. Keep the kind of plants you are growing in mind when trying to understand the right temperature for the greenhouse. It is a good idea to grow plants that thrive in the same kind of environment in the greenhouse. For example: if you want to grow tomatoes, consider growing other plants which like the same climate as the tomato plant does.

Lighting for Plants

If you have placed the greenhouse in an area with natural light, you won’t have to worry much about the lighting needs of the plant. However, if you’re not getting enough light, you should get a plant light for them. This light can also help make sure your seedlings sprout and grow faster during the winter months when there is not enough natural light. This can save you a lot of time.

Ventilation in the Greenhouse

Proper ventilation is a must in the greenhouse to keep your plants healthy. Poor ventilation can encourage the growth of mold and make the shrubs of New Mexico to become sickly. The season and weather can also impact the way you ventilate the greenhouse. During summer, you can simply open the greenhouse up a bit to encourage normal air flow. In the winter though, you will have to use a fan since opening the greenhouse will mess with the temperature.

Watering the Plants

The watering schedule in the greenhouse should be flexible and based on the wants and needs of the plants. This means you keep an eye on the temperature, the soil condition and the plant type.

A helpful pro tip is to draw up a schedule with the different plants in mind and water them accordingly.

If you need any help setting up your greenhouse, reach out to the pros here at Newman’s Nursery.  We love sharing our passion for bountiful plants!

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