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Planting Your Edible Santa Fe Garden

Got a green thumb? Even if you don’t, you can have a garden. If you are a novice and want a nice little edible garden in your backyard, then you are in luck!

The following plants are quite easy to grow. We have come up with five edible plants that strive throughout the seasons. Ready to make a salad? Let’s start:

1.     Lettuce

The great thing about lettuce is that it grows easily and quickly. When they pop up, you can simply snip the top or pick leaves to your liking. It takes up a lot less space than any other plants and can be planted anywhere, even under taller plants. The good thing is, it grows under direct sunlight and partly shaded areas too.

2.     Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are like pure candy for people who love tomatoes. They have excellent  sweetness, which is what makes them a great choice for salads. Once fully mature, you can pop one right in your mouth.

3.     Cucumber

Cucumbers like warm temperature and sunlight, as well as vertical support for climbing. The good thing about cucumber is they grow quickly. All they need is to be watered regularly and you will have plenty. Moreover, they grow in small spaces, giving you plenty of room to plant your other veggies.

4.     Cilantro

This is a cool season herb that is quite easy to plant. These tender leaves are indispensible for adding flavor to gazpacho, salsas, guacamole and more. All you need to do is spread some cilantro seeds and add compost over it. Then, snip of the leaves from the bottom of cilantro and stem and plant it in the area where the seeds are spread. This edible plant needs light shade.

5.     Asparagus

Asparagus is a great plant for spring time. However, this plant requires patience because it fully grows in about two to three years.. Asparagus plants need a lot of space therefore, it’s better to plant a single bed. Make sure they are not too deep in the soil and the crowns are visible. Moreover, check the drainage system because this plant doesn’t like to get wet.

Try planting these five crops to see how the plants turn out to be. With these basic plants, you can’t go wrong and once you prove your green thumb, you can proceed to other edible plants such as mint, basil, clover, chamomile, etc.