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How to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

The winter season is considered a quiet time for gardeners. Due to snowfall, all activity in your garden may stop. But if you don’t want shrubs and weeds to grow in your garden, you should take some precautionary measures to prepare your garden for winters.

Here’s how you can get your garden ready so it can withstand the cold winter season:

Remove Dead Plants

Since most plants die in the cold weather, why go through the hassles of removing dead plants from the garden? Well, it’s worth the effort to avoid losing your entire garden to pests.

So, before the winter season arrives, get rid of rotten fruits and vegetables, and remove dead plants. If mildew has affected plants, burn them instead of spreading the diseased plants in the compost pile.

Eliminate Weeds

If you don’t address the weed problem, these wild plants will take over your garden before you know it. Instead of delaying the task of removing weeds for the next spring season, you should remove the invasive plants before winter.

You may be tempted to add weeds to your compost pile, but you’ll only end up supporting the growth of weeds this way. Burn them along with any mildew infested plants you may find.

Apply a Layer of Compost

Cold air and frost damage the structure of the soil. Consequently, the plants are affected during the growing seasons. You can resolve this problem by preparing the garden soil before winters.

You can buy compost and fertilizers, but it’s best to prepare an organic compost pile on your own. You can add dry leaves, manure, grass clippings, food scraps, old wine, dog good, and other organic materials to this pile.

Grow Cover Crops

Cover crops are planted in gardens to enrich the soil and prevent soil erosion. You should grow cover crops during the fall season to prepare your garden for upcoming winters. Legumes such as rye, field peas, crimson clover, and crown vetch can keep your garden in good condition and support the growth of plants.

Trim Perennials

Certain perennial plants such as achillea, redcurrants, lavender, and rosemary grow well the next spring season if you prune them before winter. However, not every plant can withstand trimming and pruning before the winter season. You can get in touch with us for expert advice.

Turn Off the Irrigation System

Before the freezing weather arrives, you should take care of the irrigation system. Drain the lines, then turn off the irrigation system. If you use a garden hose to water plants, drain and store it in the basement to protect it from cold.

As the gardening season comes to an end, maintenance work may be the last thing on your “want to do” list. However, if you want a bountiful harvest in the coming seasons, prepare your garden before winter.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help.

Happy gardening!

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