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Growing Roses in Santa Fe

Roses in Santa Fe

Roses are one of our favorite plants here at Newman’s. Of course the flowers are beautiful and the scents divine, but there is something very zen-like about caring for roses that transport us from the bustle of daily life to a calmer, quieter place.

Roses thrive in well-drained soils that are fertile and loamy. In other words, not the kind of soil we have here in Santa Fe. Santa Fe’s soil is alkaline and full of clay, so soil amenders must be used. Fortunately, we sell plenty of soil amendments here at Newman’s. We have topsoil by the bag or loose by the yard. We also sell compost, composted manure, liquid nutrient and a host of other amazing products to get your soil in tip top shape.

While it can be tempting to get sucked in by all the beautiful varieties we stock and overplant, we recommend starting out small if you’ve never grown roses before. Instead of 20 plants, try just a few to see what works best in your yard. Do you want varieties that are small and compact? We have ‘em. Do you want roses that will climb the pergola? We have those too. Want a certain color? We have them in all kinds of colors. We carry hundreds of varieties of roses here at the nursery, so you’ll definitely find varieties that fit your needs.

Roses do best in areas with plenty of sun (6+ hours) and out of the wind. They should not be planted in the shade of trees or structures. While they may grow in shady areas, they will be more susceptible to mildew and other conditions.

Planting roses is a little bit different than, say, the vegetables in your garden. Our rose experts will be happy to talk you through the planting process. Or you can read about it in this article from New Mexico State University.

We are expecting a new shipment of roses here at Newman’s Nursery in Santa Fe, so do come see us soon!