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A Guide to Purchasing a Fruit Tree in Santa Fe

Fruit trees add beauty to your garden and, of course, can give you a bountiful crop of fruit. But the type of tree you buy should be dictated by climate, soil conditions, amount of sun and more. Some trees simply won’t bloom and fruit if conditions aren’t just right.

Let’s have a look at a few of the factors that you must consider while picking the right fruit tree for Santa Fe and for your home.

Hardiness Zones

You obviously aren’t going to be growing oranges in your Santa Fe garden. But determining which trees will thrive depends largely on your plant hardiness zone. Santa Fe is listed as Zone 6a, which means winter temps can get to as low -10 Fahrenheit. Make sure your new fruit tree can take that temperature. Since we grow all of our own trees, you’ll know any tree you buy from Newman’s will withstand New Mexico’s climate.

Care for Your Tree

But just because your tree will survive the winter, doesn’t mean it will thrive in summer all on its own. Fruit trees need more maintenance and care than native trees. You shouldn’t purchase a fruit tree if you won’t spend the time taking care of it.

Of course you will need to water regularly, but you will also want to make sure the tree doesn’t have too much fruit in the first 3+ years. During this time, you want the tree’s energy going into growth – fruit takes away from that energy. Also learn how and when to prune your fruit tree to ensure healthy growth.

Fit the Space

Before purchasing a fruit tree, remember that some trees can grow very large. Don’t pick a tree that will outgrow the size of the space in your yard. And your neighbor may not be keen on picking up apricots from their side of the fence in the fall.

Also consider the light requirements of the space you are planting in. Some trees need full sun, so make sure they are away from the house or other trees. Most fruit trees should be pruned during winter with a pruning tool dabbed in a disinfectant. The trees of the stone fruits should be pruned in summers.

A fruit tree adds beauty and provides its own bounty. If you live in Santa Fe NM, Newman’s Nursery will be the best place for you to pick your first fruit tree! Get the tree of your choice and reap its benefits for many years to come!