2016 Shrubs

Butterfly Bush

butterfly bushSemi-evergreen to deciduous, Buddleia are fast growing each spring and summer.  Tapering leaves are 4 – 12″ long. In mid summer, branches are adorned with small fragrant flowers.  Blossoms attract butterflies and hummingbirds

Russian Sage

russian sageWoody-based clump with many grayish white, upright-growing stems clothed in gray-green foliage.  In late spring and summer, stems are topped with widely branched sprays of small lavender-blue flowers.


forsythiaIn early spring, these fountain-shaped shrubs’ bare branches are covered with 3/4 – 1 1/2 inch yellow flowers.  Budded branches can be forced for indoor bloom.  During the rest of the growing season, the foliage, which is medium green with rounded leaves and pointed tips, blends well with other background shrubs.

Apache Plume

apache plumeThis shrub grows to 4 -6 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide.  It has straw-colored branches and flaky bark.  Small, lobed leaves are deep green on top, rusty beneath.  Flowers resemble single white roses just 1 1/2 in. wide in spring and summer.  Large, showy clusters of feathery seedheads follow, greenish at first, later turning pink or reddish.


chamisaThis erect, freely branching shrub grows up to 6 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide.  Branches are white with greenish upper surfaces.  Gray-green, narrow leaves often drop by bloom time in late summer or fall, when branching, flat-topped or somewhat rounded clusters of fluffy flowers appear at stem ends.  Leaves and stems are strongly aromatic.

New Mexico Privet

new mexico privetAlso known as the Desert Olive, this shrub grows from 12 – 18 ft. tall and 12 ft. wide.  It has smooth medium green leaves that turn yellow in fall.  Very small flowers (1/4 in. long) and egg-shaped fruits, blue-black when mature.

Three leaf Sumac

threeleaf sumacAlso known as Skunkbush, this is a fast growing bush to 3 – 5 ft. tall, often sprawling to 5 ft. or wider.  Three-leafleted leaves to 3 in. long are fragrant when brushed against or crushed.  Foliage turns red in fall.  Tiny yellowish flowers in spring; small red fruit.

Staghorn Sumac

staghorn sumacGrows upright to  height of 15 ft. spreading much wider through suckers.  The branches have a velvety coat of short brown hairs, much like antlers of a deer “in velvet.”  Blooms in early summer bearing 4-8 in. long clusters of tiny greenish blossoms followed by clusters of fuzzy crimson fruits that hang on all winter, gradually turning brown.


spireaArching branches form a fountain to about 6 ft. high by 8 ft. or wider.  Leafy branches are covered with circular, flattened clusters of white blossoms in mid to late spring, continuing into early summer in colder regions.  Dark green, diamond-shaped leaves to 1 1/2 in. long may turn purplish in fall.

Blue Mist

blue mistLow growing mound (to 2 ft. tall and wide) of narrow, 3 in. long leaves.  Clusters of small flowers top upper part of stems.


dogwoodThis shrub is grown for brilliant red fall foliage and winter twigs.  Grows rapidly to form a multi-stemmed shrub 7- 9 ft. high and spreads to 12 ft. or wider by creeping underground stems and rooting branches.  Small creamy white flowers in 2 in. cluster appear among leaves throughout summer; white or bluish fruit follows

Oregon Grape

oregon grapeDense, bushy plant grows erect to 6 ft. high, spreading by underground stems to 5 ft. wide.  Leaves are typically glossy green, 6-12 in. long, with five to nine leaflets that resemble holly leaves.  Ruddy or bronze new growth; scattered mature red leaves throughout the year.  Leaves turn purplish or bronze in winter.  Early spring flowers appear in 2-3 in. clusters along stems.  Edible blue-black fruit with gray bloom.

Rose of Sharon

roseofsharonThis shrub grows to 10 – 12 ft. and 6 ft. wide.  Upright and compact when young, spreading and open with age.  Leaves to 4 in. long, often three lobed, coarsely toothed.  Blooms from mid or late summer until frost, resembling a bush covered with hollyhocks.  Blossoms are single, semi- double or double white 2 1/2 – 3 in. across; with some having a contrasting red to purple throat.

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

purpleleafsandcherryGrows to 6 – 10 ft. tall and 6 – 8 ft. wide.  This dainty multi-stemmed shrub can be trained as a single-trunked tree.  Intensely red-purple new leaves mature to coppery purple.  Fragrant single white flowers appear after leafout.  May also produce a small (1/2 in.) blackish purple fruit.


pyracanthaGrown for bright fruit and evergreen foliage.  The real glory of this shrub is the thick clusters of pea-size, orange-red berries, which light up the landscaping for months.  Pyracantha grow fast and vigorously, varying in habit from upright  to sprawling.  All have glossy green, 1 – 4 in. long, 1/2 – 1 in. wide leaves that are generally oval or rounded at ends.  All bear flower and fruit on spurs along wood of last years growth.

Flowering Almond

flowering almondSlow growth to 8 – 10 ft., possibly 15 ft.tall, with equal spread.  Broad, often three-lobed leaves are 1 – 2 1/2 in. long, dark green above, lighter green beneath.  Pink flowers to 1 1/2 in. wide appear on bare branches in early spring.

Flowering Currant

flowering currantGrows 6 – 9 ft. tall, and 4 – 6 ft. wide.  Thick maple-like scalloped edged dark green leaves.  In spring, produces drooping 2-4 in. long clusters of 10-30 small deep pink to red flowers.

Amur Maple

amur mapleGrows 15 – 20 ft. tall.  Toothed leaves are three lobed.  Clusters of small, fragrant yellowish flowers bloom in early spring.  These are followed by bright red winged seeds.  This has an especially fiery red foliage in autumn.


barberryGrows  to 4 – 6 ft. tall and wide.  Graceful  habit with slender, arching, spiny branches.  Densely covered with roundish, 1/2 – 1 1/2 in. long leaves that are deep green above, paler beneath; leaves turn yellow, orange and red before they fall.  Beadlike bright red berries stud branches in fall and through winter.


lilacMedium to large shrub with medium to deep green foliage.  Floral show comes from number of light purple small flowers packed into dense pyramidal to conical clusters.  Individual flowers are tubular, flaring into four petal-like lobes.  Lilacs bloom on wood formed the previous year.  Very fragrant.

Miss Kim Lilac

miss kimMuch like the common lilac, but purple buds open to very fragrant ice blue flowers.  Leaves may turn burgundy in the fall.

Canadian Lilac

canadianlilacThe Canadian lilac produces blooms at the end of normal lilac season, after the common lilac has bloomed.  Bulky dense plants resemble the common lilac, but individual flowers are smaller and not particularly fragrant.


potentillaThis shrub will grow anywhere from 3 – 5 ft. tall and up to 5 ft. wide.  It has bright green to dark green leaves divided into three to seven leaflets.  It blooms from late sprig to early fall, producing 1 1/2 – 2 in. wide golden yellow blossoms.


privet1Grows to 15 ft. tall an 12 ft. wide.  Dark green leaves with clusters of black fruit.

Golden Privet

goldenprivetGrows 8 – 10 ft. high and wide.  Yellow leaves, with color being most pronounced on plants in the full sun.

Smoke Bush

smokebrushUnusual and colorful shrub-tree creating broad, urn-shaped mass usually as wide as high.  Naturally multi-stemmed, but can be trained to a single trunk.  The name is derived from dramatic puffs of “smoke” from fading flowers:  as the tiny greenish blooms wither, the send out elongated stalks clothed in a profusion of fuzzy lavender-pink hairs.

Snowball Bush

snowball bushGrows 8 -15 ft. tall and wide, with arching branches.  Lobed maple-like dark green leaves to 2-4 in. long and just as wide.  Fall foliage may be yellow, bright red, or reddish purple.  Blooms in spring; flower heads have a lace cap look with a 2-4 in. cluster of small fertile blossoms ringed with larger sterile blossoms.  Large, showy red fruit persists from fall into winter.


weigulaFast growth to 6 – 10 ft. tall and 9 – 12 ft. wide, with branches often arching to the ground.  Leaves 2 – 4 in. long.  Pink to rose red flowers.

Blue Artic Willow

blue artic willowGrows to 15 ft. high and wide, with purple branches.  Narrow 1-3 in. long leaves are dark green above, bluish beneath.


manhattan euonyGrows to 8 ft. tall and wide or wider.  Glossy dark green, rather thin-textured leaves.  Fruit is pink with orange seeds.

Burning Bush

burning bush 1Grows to 15 – 20 ft. high and wide.  dense, twiggy, flat-topped shrub with horizontal branching.  Twigs have flat, corky wings that disappear on older growth.  Fall color is quite impressive; the dark green leaves turn flaming red.