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To order Roses for the 2019 growing season call Newman’s Nursery at 505-471-8642 for spring pick up.  Your roses will be available in late April or early May depending on weather.  Some varieties sell out very fast every year.   

Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras

All My Loving

Rosa All My LovingColor:  Light Red to Dark Pink

Height and habit :  Upright to Slightly Spreading

Fragrance:  Moderate Tea w/slight spices

Always and Forever

rose always and forever

Color:  Resilient bright ruby red

Height and habit:  Tall upright bush

Fragrance:  slight

Anna’s Promise

_annaspromiseColor:  Bicolor golden tan & pink blush w/copper reverse

Height and Habit:  Medium tall/upright

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity w/slight spices


bewitched rose

Color:  Cotton Candy Pink

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Rich rose

Blue Girl

rose blue girl

Color:  Silvery lilac-Lavender

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Lightly fruity


rose brandy

Color:  Blending of warm apricot hues

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Mild tea


chching rose

Color:  Long lasting yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright bush

Fragrance:  Strong sweet spice & fruit

Chris Evert

chris evert rose

Color:  Melon orange blushing red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Chrysler Imperial

rose chryslerColor:  Velvety dark red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong damask rose

Coretta Scott King

rose coretta scott kingColor:  Creamy white blushing coral-orange

Height/Habit:  Tall/Very upright, bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate Tea


rose crescendoColor:  White edged in lavender

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright to rounded, very bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity & tea

Double Delight

rose double delightColor:  Cream blushing red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Slightly spreading

Fragrance:  Very strong spicy rose


rose electronColor:  Electric deep pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Sweet rose



Color:  Light Yello

Height/Habit:  Medium tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Mild

Fragrant Cloud

rose fragrant cloudColor:  Deep coral red-orange

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Very strong sweet spice & rose

Gold Medal

rose gold medalColor:  Golden yellow suffused orange

Height/Habit:  Very tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Rich fruity

Good as Gold

rose good as goldColor:  Deep golden orange-yellow finished with a kiss of red

Height/Habit:  Tall/Upright and bushy

Fragrance:  Grapefruit & citrus


rose heirloomColor:  Lilac lavender blend

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong sweet


rose honorColor:  Crisp bright white

Height/Habit:  Very tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Slight tea

Ingrid Bergman

ingrid-bergmanColor:  Dark Red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright & Bushy

Fragrance:  Mild to none


Ink Spots

rose ink spotsColor:  Blackened velvety red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright to slightly spreading

Fragrance:  Light rose

John F Kennedy 

jfk roseColor:  Greenish white

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate licorice

Just Joey

just joey roseColor:  Rich apricot

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Strong fruity


rose legendsColor:  Ruby

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Let Freedom Ring

rose let freedom ringColor:  Strawberry Red

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Slight tea

Love and Peace

rose love and peaceColor:  Yellow blushed pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright & bushy

Fragrance:  Mild


rose loveColor:  Scarlet red with a pure white reverse

Height/Habit;  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Slight rose

Love’s Magic

rose loves magicColor:  Clear velvet red

Height/Habit:  Very tall/Slightly spreading

Fragrance:  Moderate Rose

Melody Parfumee

melody parfumee roseColor:  Plum

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Rounded

Fragrance:  Heavy old rose

Midas Touch

rose midas touchColor:  Bright neon Yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Miss All-American Beauty

rose miss all americanColor:  Deep Hot Pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Strong rose

Miss Congeniality


Color:  Pink edged white

Height/Habit:  Medium tall/upright & bushy

Fragrance:  moderate sweet pear, hint of spice

Mister Lincoln

rose mister lincolnColor:  Velvety red

Height/Habit:  Tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong damask rose

Neil Diamond

rose neil diamondColor:  Pink with white stripes

Height/Habit:  Tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Intense sweet & classic rose

New Zealand

rose new zealandColor:  Soft creamy pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong honeysuckle


rose oklahomaColor:  Dark velvet red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Strong rose


rose olympiadColor:  Bright true red

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Light fruity

Over The Moon

rose over the moonColor:  Warm apricot

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity


rose peaceColor:  Lemony yellow edged pure pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Mildly fruity

Perfect Moment

perfect momentColor:  Deep yellow with broad red edging

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Slight fruity

Perfume Delight

rose perfume delightColor:  Deep rose pink

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong rose

Pink Peace

rose pink peaceColor:  Bright deep pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Strong rose

Pope John Paul II

rose pope john paulColor:  Pure white

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright, bushy

Fragrance:  strong citrus blossom

Pretty Lady

_prettyladyrose_mg0255Color:  Dark pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright & compact

Fragrance:  Moderately strong peony w/spice

Radiant Perfume

radiant perfumeColor:  Deep yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium/Spreading

Fragrance:  Strong Citrus


rose sedonaColor:  Coral blend

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/upright

Fragrance:  Strong pear

St. Patrick

st-patrickColor:  Yellow Gold

Height/Habit:  Medium/upright & rounded

Fragrance:  Slight

Sugar Moon

rose sugar moonColor:  Pure White

Height/Habit:  Tall/Very upright & bushy

Fragrance:  Super fragrant


rose tiffanyColor:  Pink with a yellow base

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/upright

Fragrance:  Strong fruity

Touch of Class

rose touch of classColor:  Glowing coral pink

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Bushy

Fragrance:  Slight tea


rose tropicanaColor:  Clear coral orange

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/spreading

Fragrance:  Sweet fruity

Veterans Honor

rose vetrans honorColor:  Bright red

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright

Fragrance:  light rose


Belindas Dream

rose belindas dreamColor:  Even medium pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

rose brilliant pink iceColor:  Cerise pink & cream blend

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Rounded, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild Honey

Cinco de Mayo

cinco-de-mayoColor:  Rust Red & Lavender Smoke

Height/Habit:  Medium tall/Rounded, bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate fresh-cut apple

Day Breaker

rose day breakerColor:  Pastel peach and yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild fruity

Distant Drums

rose distant drumsColor:  Unusual tan washing to orchid pink

Height/Habit:  Medium-large/Upright

Fragrance:  Moderate myrrh

Drop Dead Red

rose drop dead redColor:  Red velvet

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright &bushy

Fragrance:  Mild tea

Easy Does It

easy-does-itColor:  Orangey-apricot to honey-pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/very rounded & bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity


rose europeanaColor:  Dark red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Light tea


rose gingersnapColor:  Brilliant yellow-orange blend

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Mild


rose icebergColor:  Ice White

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Bushy

Fragrance:  Mild Honey


rose intrigueColor:  Novel plum purple

Height/Habit:  Medium/Bushy

Fragrance:  Strong citrus

Julia Child

julia-childColor:  Warm golden yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium low/round & bushy

Fragrance:  strong sweet licorice & spice

Jump for Joy

rose jump for joyColor:  Peachy-pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Very rounded, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild apple

Ketchup & Mustard

rose ketchup and mustardColor:  Striking Red yellow bi-color

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild

Livin’ Easy


Color:  Apricot orange blend

Height/Habit:  medium/ rounded

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Love Song

rose love songColor:  Clear lavender

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild citrus

Mardi Gras


Color:  Blended blushed yellow, orange & pink

Height/Habit:  Tall/busy

Fragrance:  Mild peppery

Oh My!

rose oh myColor:  Deep red

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Upright, bushy

Fragrance:  Mild


rose playboyColor:  Orange and scarlet with a yellow eye

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Mild apple


rose scentimentalColor:  Burgundy-red swirled with creamy white

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Strong sweet spice


rose shockwaveColor:  Pure neon yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Mild


rose sunspriteColor:  Deep yellow

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded and bushy

Fragrance:  Strong sweet licorice

Tuscan Sun

rose tuscan sunColor:  Deep apricot-orange

Height/Habit:  Medium/Compact

Fragrance:  Light Spicy


Above All

rose aboe allColor:  Salmon-Orange

Habit:  Large climber with 10′ to 14′ canes

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity


rose climbing amaericaColor:  Even coral pink

Habit:  Large climber with 10′ to 12′ canes

Fragrance:  Strong spicy

Blaze Improved

rose climbing blazeColor:  Pure bright red

Habit:  Vigorous large climber with canes 12′ to 14′ +

Fragrance:  Light tea

Cecile Brunner

rose cecil brunnrColor:  Pastel pink

Habit:  Very large climber 18′ to 20′

Fragrance:  Moderate tea

Dublin Bay

rose climbing dublin bayColor:  Clear red

Habit:  Climbing and slightly spreading with canes 8′ to 10′

Fragrance:  Mild fruity

Fourth of July

rose climbing fourth of julyColor:  Bright red swirled with white

Habit:  Vigorous climber with canes 10′ to 14′

Fragrance:  Fresh cut apple & sweet rose

Golden Showers

rose climging golden showersColor:  Bright clear yellow

Habit:  Excellent performer.  Grows 10′ to 14′

Fragrance:  Sweet licorice

Joseph’s Coat

rose climbing josephs coatColor:  Multi colors of red, pink, orange and yellow

Habit:  Needs protected area.  Grows 8′ to 10′

Fragrance:  Light tea

New Dawn

rose climbing new dawnColor:  Cameo pink

Height/Habit:  Very hardy large climber 15′ to 20′

Fragrance:  Sweet rose

 Royal Gold

rose climbing royal goldColor:  Deep golden yellow

Habit:  Strong grower to 10′ tall.  Great in cool areas.

Fragrance:  Moderate to strong fruity

Sally Holmes

rose climbing sally holmesColor:  Buff buds open to pure white

Habit:  grows 8′ to 10′.  Great for pillars.  Very disease resistant

Fragrance:  Slight

Stormy Weather

stormy-weatherColor:  Smoky purple/magenta blend

Habit:  Medium/climbing canes

Fragrance:  Moderate spice

Top of the World

rose climber top of the worlColor:  Orange and yellow bicolor

Habit:  Strong grower to 8′ tall.  Strong re-bloomer

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity & tea


rose climbing westerlandColor:  Blended apricot orange

Habit:  Super vigorous growth 10′ to 12′ tall.  Very disease resistant

Fragrance:  Strong spice and rose

William Baffin

rose climbing william baffinColor:  Deep pink

Habit:  Very hardy and disease resistant.  Grows 8′ tall

Fragrance:  Mild tea

Zephirine Drouhin

rose climbing zephrineColor:  Pink

Habit:  Can be grown as a climber or a spreading rose.  Will tolerate more shade

Fragrance:  Strong old rose


Austrian Copper

rose austrian copperColor:  Hot orange-red with a yellow reverse

Height/Habit:  Large arching shrub/Very drought tolerant

Fragrance:  Slight sweet licorice

Children’s Hope

Rosa Children's HopeColor:  Medium Red w/slight smoke on edge

Height/Habit:  Medium low/Round & Bushy

Fragrance:  Slight Tea to Fruity


rose hansaColor:  Vibrant violet red

Height/Habit:  Medium-tall/Bushy rounded shrub

Fragrance:  Strong spicy clove

Moje Hammarberg

rose moje hammargurgColor:  Reddish violet

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded

Fragrance:  Strong spice

Persian Yellow

rose persian yellowColor:   Yellow

Height/Habit:  Tall/large shrub.  Very drought toleratn

Fragrance:  Medium licorice

Rainbow Happy Trails


Color:  Pink edged yellow

Height/Habit:  Low/trailing & spreading

Fragrance:  Mild tea & fruity

Red Meidiland

rose red mediColor:  Bright lasting red

Habit:  Spreading canes of 5 to 6 feet

Fragrance:  Slight

Sunshine Happy Trails

_sunshinehappytrails_026Color:  Yellow

Height/Habit:  Low/trailing & spreading

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Therese Bugnet

rose therese bugnetColor:  Lilac pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/round and shrubby.

Fragrance:  Moderate spice



rose bonicaColor:  Pure pink

Height/Habit:  Compact 3′ to 4’/Spreading.  Great for mass plantings

Fragrance:  Fresh cut apple

Double Knock out

rose double knock outColor:  Deep pink/light red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded  Easy to grow landscape rose

Fragrance:  none

Knock Out

rose knock outColor:  Light red to deep pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, bushy.  Very disease resistant

Fragrance:  Light tea

Home Run

rose home runColor:  Showy flame red

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded and bushy

Fragrance:  Slight tea

Midnight Blue

rose midnight blueColor:  Dark purple

Height/Habit:  Medium-low/Rounded

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity & tea

Morden Blush 

rose morden blushColor: Light Pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, bushy  Very hardy & disease resistant

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity & tea

Morden Centennial

rose morden centennialColor:  Deep pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, very bushy  Very disease resistant

Fragrance:  Moderate spice

Morden Fireglo

rose morden firegloColor:  Fire orange red

Height/Habit:  Medium/rounded, very bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate

Oranges N Lemons


Color:  Brilliant orange striped yellow

Height/Habit:  Tall/Arching canes

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity

Outta the Blue

rose outta the blueColor:  Multi-toned magenta to lavender-blue

Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright to slightly rounded

Fragrance:  Strong clove and spice

Pink Double Knock Out

rose pink double knock outColor:  Medium Pink

Height/Habit:  Medium-low/Round,bushy   disease resistant

Fragrance:  Light

Pink Home Run

pink home runColor:  Warm pink

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded, very bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate fruit

Sunny Knock Out

rose sunny knock outColor:  Pale yellow white

Height/Habit:  Medium/Rounded and compact

Fragrance:  Moderate fruity & tea

Take It Easy


Color:  Velvet dark red with lighter pink reverse

Height/Habit:  Medium/upright & bushy

Fragrance:  Slight tea

Watercolors Home Run


Color:  Yellow gold with blushing pink edges

Height/Habit:  Medium/rounded & bushy

Fragrance:  Moderate spice & cinnamon

Miniature Roses

You’re the One

rose your the oneColor:  Bright lasting red

Habit:  Spreading canes of 5 to 6 feet

Fragrance:  Slight

Cutie Pie

rose cutieColor:  Bright lasting red

Habit:  Spreading canes of 5 to 6 feet

Fragrance:  Slight

2019 Shrubs

Butterfly Bush

Russian Sage


Apache Plume


New Mexico Privet

Three leaf Sumac

Staghorn Sumac


Blue Mist

Burning Bush


Oregon Grape

Rose of Sharon

Purple leaf Sand Cherry


Flowering Almond

Flowering Currant

Amur Maple



Miss Kim Lilac

Canadian Lilac



Golden Privet

Smoke Bush

Snowball Bush


Blue Artic Willow


Burning Bush